World News: Issues Facing the World Today

Ms. Louise Haynes

The main goal of this course is for the students to become more fluent speakers of English through in-depth discussions of current world issues. While reading and researching the various issues, students are encouraged to consider their own histories and the cultural practices which shape their own lives, drawing parallels if any, to the week’s topic.

This course will also give students the opportunity to lead discussions in small groups, requiring not only a clear understanding of the issues they choose, but the ability to develop discussion questions that delve more deeply into the issue.

This is mostly a discussion class. Students should read their articles before class, be prepared to discuss the week’s topic, and should participate actively in class discussions.

In class, we will have many discussions based on student research (news articles and videos), have short quizzes on vocabulary, and watch short videos or news clips in English. This course will require students to think critically about a variety of issues facing the world today. Participants should come prepared to ask and answer questions that explore issues in a deep manner.

This course is suggested for students of any level who are interested in world issues and who are willing and eager to discuss issues in English with their classmates.