AE: Interact Internationally

Ms. Sophie Muller: Explore the 5 Keys to Successful (Intercultural) Communication

In this class, you will learn about the five keys to successful (intercultural) communication: (1) understanding and (2) respecting differences; (3) attitude; (4) listening empathically; (5) speaking positively.

These keys and related skills are essential to reach Goal 16 of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development: world peace. They will also help you fulfill one of the objectives of the Global Citizenship curriculum at NCU: “fostering [the] progressive and peaceful coexistence of all human kind.”

You will learn about these keys and related skills through lectures, during which your active participation in English is required. In your small discussion groups, you will have to say what you think and feel, ask questions, as well as share additional information you may have on the topics. You are expected to talk with all your classmates: I strongly believe that you can learn as much from your classmates as you can from me.

After learning and discussing the five keys in class, you will practice them, outside of class, every week, to improve your mastery. This weekly practice will also help you build your final project connected to a cultural or personal filter/stereotype you have. This project will be based on research, and interactions with non-Japanese, or Japanese towards whom you have a filter. On week 14, you will present this project during the Action in English Showcase. You will explain how you overcame your filter/stereotype with what you’ve learned in class, and your different actions.