Ms. Louise Haynes: Using Art for Health and Healing

First of all, you do not have to be an artist to take this course! Although we will cover a variety of techniques, this is not a course in drawing, sketching, or painting. Although we will talk about particular works by famous artists, this is not a course in art history. Although we will talk about how art is used to help people deal with stress, depression, PTSD, or those who have trouble communicating, this is not a course in art therapy. Although we will see examples of how art has been use to persuade people, this is not a course in marketing or social causes. Instead this course incorporates parts of all of these areas in a personal way.

The focus of the course is on using English to discuss, explain, and record in writing, your own self-expression, through short art projects you will create using paint, paper, pencil, fabric, and many other mediums. At the end of the course, you will participate in the “Action Showcase”, an event in which you will explain in English one or more of the projects you completed during this course that show your best work.

In each class, we will typically begin with a short speaking warm-up, a bit of vocabulary/grammar review, short discussion in small groups, and then individual work while talking with classmates. Each 4 weeks will have a slightly different theme.

By the end of this semester you should be able to: